[ About FLOM ]

"For Love Or Money" - when you add a question mark, it becomes an eternal question that nearly every human being must answer at some point in our lives. Can you share some scenarios that inspired you to ask the question and to eventually create a personification of "FLOM" via Nike Dunks?

the initial idea comes from the STAR WARS bounty hunter: (4LOM) this acronym meaning (FOR LOVE OF MONEY). I've been a huge SWARS toy collector for some time and he (4LOM) was my favorite character. however I was always at conflict w/his name. I thought he should have taken a romantic approach and not one of mercenary. the subtle difference(s) between (of & or) are in fact not that subtle at all.

What "FLOM" parallels exist between the worlds of writing and sneakers?

that's so apparent; I don't think I can even explain it. it's more about (passion) than anything else. but certainly (sneaker) culture; sounds like vulture; should consider the meaning here. just look at the resale markets/rackets. the juxtaposition of this concept is what individuals should consider.

What's your take on how the question applies to the "supply chain" for the FLOM Dunks and sneakers in general - Futura (the artists/designers), Nike (the manufacturers), FL Laboratories (the retailers), and eventually the consumer(s)? Who/what represents love and who/what represents money?

split decision. for me it's about getting gifted by (NIKE) in recognition of my new store opening. and for that alone; I am eternally grateful. in turn I will (gift) my immediate family and friends that actually make the trip to Fukuoka. I will then raffle off (3) pair/s to (3) lucky winners on the day of the opening.since this shoe is limited to (24) pair there is no need to consider the extended (chain of command) but be advised; others are hovering and scheming to profit from the death of innocent flesh.

On the Dunks, what nations/secondary markets are represented via currency?

13 countries represented. that number too has obvious multiple references. Malaysia. United Kingdom. Hong Kong. France. Singapore. Canada. United States. Brazil. Thailand. Australia. China. Switzerland and Japan. on the creative, it was about what actual money I had in my possession at the time. not any statement about favorite countries or national pride.

Writers have always mixed pure style with reactions to commentary about socio-political issues - formulating the perfect blend of style and substance. Does fashion matter if it can't do the same?

why not. but I'm not a fashionado. using a medium artistic or otherwise to convey some political point of view or just address the social commentary will always be relevant.

What was Nike's reaction (to the FLOM Dunks)?

I think (they) are very psyched. this has all gone through the SB division and I must shout out Sandy, Marcus and Chris. and of course Mr. Mark Parker...

[ Basic Facts ]

Are the toe box and side panels made of canvas?

yes. the same style as the (Paris) dunk

From the photo that we've seen, FL is visible on the right heel? Is OM embroidered on the left shoe/heel?

negative. and check this; what everyone is seeing now on the (inet) is the (FIRST) sample. some change in the direction of the ($$$$$$$$) print; as well as the (FL) embroidery being tightened up.

FL = futuralaboratories as in aka http://www.futuralaboratories.com

How may pairs of this dunk will be released?

none released. only (24) on earth

Where/When can we expect them? At the Fukuoka FL Store?

the giveaway will be held on March 1st. at (FL). the end of the afternoon. all people with proof of purchase (buy a sticker) will be given a raffle ticket. (3) THREE WINNERS!!!!!!!!!

[ Others ]

Finally, what is the most powerful medium you can imagine to broadcast your thoughts and images to the world? Where is does the next challenge lie for Futura 2000?

the world wide web. film. cinema. I am in (search) mode now; looking for that new form of expression/of outlet.

Anything you might want to get off to our readers?

I'd just say, thank you (readers) for the support and the hate. both provide motivation and knowledge in our/my quest for evolution.

Big thanks to you, Mr. Futura!!